5 Common Residential Locks

In todays world there are a variety of new residential door lock options available beyond what most people typically know about.

Every kind of lock has its advantage and disadvantages. Whether the lock is more secure, less expensive or easier to operate, its really a personal preference as to which type of lock is best suited for your needs.

So…. lets get started

Deadbolt lock

The most common type of residential door lock is the Deadbolt lock. This kind of lock is found on about 97% of all American homes. Deadbolts are low cost, easy to operate and easy to install.

Knob lock

Knob locks are most always found on doors with deadbolt locks. Knob locks add additional security and ease of access to a home. More so they are very inexpensive and are in virtually every home improvement store in the USA.

Lever handle locks

This kind of lock is not quite as typical as deadbolts and knob locks but none-the-less they are fairly common. Lever locks are not typically found on front doors but this is not always the case. They are more commonly found on other entrances to a home and common on commercial properties as well.

Jimmy proof deadbolt locks

This kind of lock is commonly found used along side deadbolt locks. This type of lock is preferred when the home owner wants added security but does not want to take the effort to modify the door in order to install the lock.

Bio-metric locks

My personal favorite residential lock is the bio-metric lock. This type of lock can utilize several different types of security features to be operated. This includes fingerprint, voice and even retina scanning identification technologies in order for the lock to be operated. Pretty awesome!

Okay, I think that about sums up this blog post about the 5 most common types of residential locks.

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