Full range of locksmith services to meet the needs of Anaheim.

Anaheim has unique needs compared to some of the other American cities that our franchise is located in. Anaheim is very fast paced. The residents who live and work here are sometimes frustrated because of the fast pace of the area. And then they get their keys lost. Oh that is terrible! We know just how you feel right now. And we want to help you.


Residential Locksmith
Commercial Locksmith
Automotive Locksmith
Emergency Locksmith

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24 Hour Locksmith
Motorcycle Locksmith
Key Cutting
Transponder Keys

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CCTV Installation
Free Security Audit
Lockout Services
Mobile Locksmith


What locksmith services do you need to hire our locksmith business for today?

Our locksmith services cover a big range of different kinds of locksmith service needs. Our locksmith services are vast and vary for a wide assortment of requests that we receive in the City of Anaheim.

All services are backed by certified locksmiths.

You can trust that you have hired the most professional locksmith that you can when you see that we only employ certified locksmiths. In so many cases people will say that they are offering a professional locksmith service when in reality their uncle Andy and friend Fred are the technicians on the payroll for that day. Stop! Don’t hire uncle Andy and his friend Fred to come over and make a mess out of your home, car or other situation. Hire the true professionals here at Direct Locksmith Anaheim because we are certified and our skill set is simply hard to beat by other locksmiths in the Anaheim area.

Call today and hire one of the best locksmiths in Anaheim. 714-699-9215

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