Lost safe keys? What do do.

safeLocksmiths are available in many places to deal primarily with locks on doors and cars however there are many other forms of entrances and other types of locks that locksmiths can install. Locksmiths are also able to work with safes that have a locking system and can generally work with different types of safes. They can install and deconstruct the safe to fix the lock if you lose the key for it or the combination.

If you lose the keys to your safe, what do you do and what are your options? The first thing you should do is call a locksmith to see if they can help and if so, they will come and perform the best resolution they think possible. If they are unable to help they are other options.

Request Replacement Keys

If you lose your keys to the safe and know that you can’t find them anywhere you can try to resolve the issues by yourself. One of the ways to do this is to request a replacement key from the manufacturer of the company, obviously the product will need to have been directly bought from them and also documentation of purchase should be shown. Contact the manufacturer of the safe and they may be able to provide you with a duplicate key given they know that they safe is definitely your property.

They may request for some details of the model of the safe to ensure they have the right key for your particular make of safe. The serial number and model name is generally asked for and can be found at the door hinge of the safe. They may also be a fee that you will have to pay in order to obtain the duplicate key.

Using Tools to Open

When you can’t get into a safe and have no key, and need access to it, you will probably be tempted to break into the lock yourself by using tools like a hammer or crowbar that although strong will most likely not provide you easy access and may end of damaging the safe itself; as safes are generally designed to combat abuse when someone tried to attempt to enter. The contents in the safe may also be damaged as a result of the heavy hammering.

You could also pick the lock, given that you know how to correctly and have the experience and knowledge to do so. This method may not even work as some safes are not designed to be pick locked. Lock picking also requires special tools that are not always obtainable and a you may not know how to use them until learning. It is better to call a lock smith that can open the safe for your safely and correctly, ensuring there is no external and internal damage.
Locksmiths generally will use a powerful drill that will open the safe eventually; however it is not always smooth running, especially with safes that are new and of high quality. If you can’t wait for a replacement key, then contacting a mobile locksmith is always the best option, as they can use their tools such as a drill to access the safe.

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