Consumer beware – Locksmith scams

Internet scams are rising day by day at a substantial rate. One such scam which is rapidly becoming more common is phony locksmith advertisements. Over 50-percent of the locksmith adverts present across the internet are put up by unauthorized locksmiths or scam artists. When searching around for a trustworthy locksmith service on the web, it is wise to get familiar with a few things in regards to such things.

Typically, these scams begin exactly as one can imagine. Someone out there is in a rush & unintentionally locks himself/herself out of their vehicle, house or office & without any keys nearby. So, they get stuck. Then, they search for a locksmith service & contact the very first one they encounter. From here, the things just get worse & all kinds of dues pile up on them as a result of how most of these scams operate, leaving hardly any room to avoid paying ridiculous prices.

Some of the scam artists might include a fake address on their website or in their advert and when a customer contacts them; they might or might not provide a quote. Once they reach the desired location, they carry out the work, most times in an unprofessional way, and a hit the customer with an excessively large bill overlooking their initial estimate altogether. They validate these hidden charges with fake reasons such as travel expenditure although they may come from a nearby place.

What’s worse, most of these scammers use name of trustworthy locksmith service which harms the business of professional locksmith services. This way, the original service ends up receiving negative reviews on the internet from people they never worked for.

The bad news is, unauthorized or phony locksmiths are getting better each day at showcasing themselves as reputable & legitimate businesses. Most of them might even publish fake reviews of how reputable they are. But, if you visit the official BBB site, you’ll find they have plenty of complaints from people who fell for these scams.

In addition, you can ask your family member or friend if they know a trustworthy locksmith. This will certainly pay off whenever you want to get the assistance of a professional locksmith. Furthermore, it will also give you a little peace of mind & you won’t need to be concerned of falling for a poor service in the future.

Fake locksmiths know exactly how to make their victim fall for their scam. The victims will be, most times, people who find themselves in vulnerable situations & forced to make a tough decision. Picture folks in an unfamiliar region who find themselves locked out of their vehicle or elderly persons locked out of their house. Obviously, these people are the easiest targets for fake locksmiths.

We hope the info given in this post is sufficient to identify a scam locksmith service in case you encounter one of them. A little bit of effort and care on your part can go a long way and save you from the headache and stress of encountering an unauthorized or fraudulent locksmith.

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