All About Transponder Keys; Their Features, Common Problems And Solutions

If you’ve been driving any of the cars that have been made within the last decade, chances are that you are already quite familiar with transponder keys, their features, common problems and solutions.

Transponder keys have been designed to provide an extra measure of anti-theft security for your car. They are convenient and they protect you against car theft. In this article, we tell you all about transponder keys, and take a quick look at some of the transponder key features and the common problems associated with them.

How do Transponder Keys Work?

A transponder key essentially provides an electronic handshake, so to speak, to your car’s ignition circuit. This allows the car to verify that the person sitting in the driver’s seat is in fact the owner of the car, and not a stranger. Only when the car recognizes the radio frequency signal from the small transponder chip embedded in the key fob does the engine come to life.
Transponder keys are specially designed by the car manufacturers, who do not share the information imprinted on the chips. But the information is available to experienced, certified and licensed automotive locksmiths, so that they can handle any problems related to the transponder key, and have it either replaced or reprogrammed.

Common Transponder Key Problems and Solutions

Here’s a look at the common problems that you might face with your transponder key, and what to do about them.

#1: The transponder key does not work; the car does not start.

There are many reasons why this could happen. It’s possible that the key fob has been damaged, or the transponder chip is malfunctioning. The key fob can become dysfunctional when the electronic system has been tampered with, or when there are issues with the locking mechanism. It is also possible that some of the buttons on the key fob have been damaged. An automotive locksmith would look into these issues and tell you exactly what needs to be done.

#2: The battery needs to be replaced.

Oftentimes, if the transponder key does not send any signal, it’s because the key fob hasn’t been functioning. Perhaps the battery needs to be replaced. The batteries used in these keys are very sophisticated, so it’s better that you hire a professional such as a car locksmith to replace them for you.

#3: The car still doesn’t start. Perhaps the transponder chip needs to be reprogrammed.

If the car’s electronic systems are working fine, and you find that there is nothing wrong with the key fob and that it has not been physically damaged in any way, then the issue could be that the transponder key needs to be reprogrammed.

Clearly, this is not something you should try on your own. You can get it done by your car dealer, but that would cost you hundreds of dollars and the process would take many weeks. Hiring a certified and licensed automotive locksmith for this purpose is the most cost-effective solution.

#4: The transponder key is lost. It needs to be replaced.

In case the transponder key is lost, do get in touch with a qualified car locksmith immediately. They would replace the key for you and get the car running again in a day or two.

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