Home security audit checklist

Home Security Audit Checklist. How Many Of These Do You Fail?

When it comes to the security of your home, you will need to have a definite plan for keeping your residence safe and it starts by creating your very own home security audit checklist. The following questions must be asked and if the answer is no, you’ll need to fix the issue and make sure that your home is as secure as possible.

First, let’s examine the exterior of the residence…

1.Are there are any trees obscuring your windows?

2.If so, do they provide hiding places for potential intruders?

3.Does the home look as if no one is present?

4.Are there any unlocked doors on exterior structures?

5.Do you have windows that are easily opened from the outside?

6.Can an intruder be concealed in any area around the home?

7.Do I leave my cars unlocked or keep the keys in the ignition?

8.Are the vehicles parked in an area that is unlit?

Next up are the structural questions that need to be answered, including:

1.Have you placed deadbolts on the doors of all of your exterior structures?

2.Where are the hinges in these doors placed and can they be removed?

3.Will these doors withstand a great deal of force?

4.Have vertical opening windows been secured with a grate?

5.Are basement windows fully secured and locked at all times?

Last (but certainly not least) come the interior security questions that need to be a part of your home security audit checklist, including:

1.Do you make a habit out of checking doors and windows before leaving your home?

2.Do windows and doors remain locked when you are inside of your residence?

3.Are the doors and windows checked on a regular basis while you are home?

4.Are the blinds closed when you are away?

5.Do you leave the television or radio on while you are out of the house?

6.When talking to strangers, are you wary of giving out personal information?

7.Is the alarm system in your home always armed?

8.Are firearms kept in a safe space?

9.Do you have a current inventory for all of your most valuable items?

10.Have you obtained insurance that will allow you to replace any items that are lost or stolen?

If you have answered no to a number of these questions, this means that you have failed your home security audit, but not to worry, as there are a number of experienced locksmiths who are ready, willing and able to put a stop to your concerns. When you find yourself failing a security audit like this one, this is a sure sign that you need to make changes in your home security immediately and contact a top notch locksmith in your area.

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